About Me

I’m a scientist, photographer, graphic designer, science communicator, DEI advocate, teacher, and generally always doing too many things at once. I’ve compiled my experiences and resources on my website. Please feel free to get in touch — about research, outreach, or a particularly great cookie recipe — I’m here for it!


During my PhD at Caltech, I specialized in an understudied and underappreciated element: sulfur. My research focuses specifically on organic sulfur, combining field work, isotope geochemistry, and analytical chemistry to learn about the carbon cycle of environments like lakes and oceans.


I'm passionate about bringing science to a wider audience. Throughout my career, I have been active in volunteer opportunities involving K–12 STEM education, DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) actions, science policy, and social media science communication.


I have always been a big believer in making science more beautiful. During graduate school I noticed a lack of formal training for scientists in graphic design, photography, and other important aspects of science communication — so I decided to do something about it!


I started taking pictures in high school with a well-loved set of film cameras — mostly taking portraits of my friends around San Diego. Since then, I have expanded to digital work, including weddings, engagements, lifestyle, and family photos. I also license photos for commercial use via Adobe Stock.

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