Women Doing Science

I founded Women Doing Science to improve the representation of women in STEM. Our social media pages have featured over 800 scientists to an international audience of over 100,000 people. For the last chapter of my thesis, I led a social science case study on the page's impact.

Science Policy

As an AGU Voices For Science fellow in the Science Policy track, I worked on projects to help bridge the gap between fundamental scientists and policymakers, publishing a ten step guide for other researchers to start their journey in science policy and move from novice to expert.

Science Tutoring

In graduate school I worked with the Caltech Y RISE tutoring program, which offers free private tutoring for high school students failing math or science. I also helped expand the program into a summer SAT Math program, which ran for three years.

DEI Course Materials

I've compiled course materials from my UCSB Earth 194DE class on readings in geoscience Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, inluding the syllabus, online quizzes for students, my notes for each week, annotated and un-annotated versions of papers, and student evaluations.